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Exploring the Different Types of Sleep Studies: Your Path to Restful Nights

by | Jun 6, 2023 | News, Sleep Studies

Have you been struggling with sleep problems lately? Do you find yourself feeling exhausted despite getting what should be a full night’s rest? If so, you might be experiencing a sleeping disorder. Sleep studies play a vital role in accurately diagnosing and treating these conditions. In this blog, we will delve into the different types of sleep studies available, providing you with the information you need to take control of your life and prioritize your sleep health. 

Polysomnography (PSG)

Polysomnography is a comprehensive sleep study performed in a specialized sleep center. During a PSG, various sensors are placed on your body to monitor and record specific physiological signals. These may include brain activity, eye movements, muscle activity, heart rate, breathing patterns, and oxygen levels. PSG is particularly useful in diagnosing sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and restless leg syndrome.

Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT)

The MSLT is a daytime sleep study conducted to evaluate excessive daytime sleepiness and determine if you have a condition called narcolepsy. It involves taking several short naps throughout the day while the sleep specialist monitors your brain activity, eye movements, and muscle tone. This test provides valuable insights into your daytime sleepiness and helps guide the appropriate treatment plan.

Maintenance of Wakefulness Test (MWT)

The MWT is another daytime sleep study used to assess your ability to stay awake during the day. This test is often employed to evaluate individuals working in safety-sensitive occupations or those with certain medical conditions, such as sleep apnea. During the MWT, you will be asked to stay awake and alert in a comfortable environment while the specialist monitors your brain activity and other vital signs.

Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HSAT)

Home Sleep Apnea Testing allows you to undergo a sleep study in the comfort of your own home. With HSAT, you will be provided with a portable device that measures your breathing patterns, oxygen levels, and heart rate. Although it is not as comprehensive as PSG, HSAT is an effective and convenient option for diagnosing sleep apnea.


Actigraphy is a non-invasive method of monitoring sleep and wake patterns. It involves wearing a small device on your wrist that records movement and light exposure. Actigraphy is particularly helpful in assessing circadian rhythm disorders and monitoring the effectiveness of treatment plans over an extended period.

For those struggling with sleep problems, it can be challenging to determine the next step. The Comprehensive Sleep and Breathing Center offers a range of sleep studies tailored to your needs. Whether it’s diagnosing sleep apnea, narcolepsy, or other sleep disorders, our team of sleep specialists is dedicated to providing accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans. Take the first step towards a restful night’s sleep by scheduling an appointment with our experts today. Together, we can help you regain control over your sleep health and well-being.

Remember, a good night’s sleep is not a luxury—it’s a necessity for a healthy and fulfilling life.